Winter & Spring Internships

January – May

Participants gain professional work experience at one of a number of internationally and domestically renowned and reputable public, non-for-profit and profit organizations that have joined a profesional network of institutions set up by Collegium Civitas.

Internships are offered in English and are unpaid.

Interns are expected to work between 25-35 hours per week in the organizations that are located in or near the very center of Warsaw.

Interested students and early gradautes can apply for the Winter & Spring internships that commence anytime after January 10 until May 1.

The minimum lenght of the internship is 4 weeks. There are a number of available internship options depending on the duration of the internship and the credited or non-credited nature of the program.

  Non-Credited Internship Program Credited Internship Program
from 4 up to 20 weeks
  • 25/35 hours of internship per week;
  • basic survival Polish language;
  • weekly reporting on the progress of the internship;
  • internship presentation at the end of the internship;
  • final internship evaluation;
  • 25/35 hours of internship per week;
  • Polish language course;
  • credited internship tutorials with a weekly reporting on the progress of the internship and written internship assignments (e.g. informational interviews, events’ reflections, final essay);
  • internship presentation at the end of the internship;
  • final internship evaluation;
  • credited academic seminars offered at Collegium Civitas.
Credits None.

Collegium Civitas issues a certifcate of internship completion with the information about an internship and duration/dates of the internship.

Up to 32 European credits (ECTS) that is the equivalent of up to 16 American credits*.

Collegium Civitas awards credits and issues an official transcript that will include information about an internship, seminars taken, hours, ECTS credits and grades.

* 1 ECTS (European credit) = 0.5 American credit

Costs View the costs of internship programs

Academic Seminars at Collegium Civitas

Students at Collegium may choose from courses in English and in Polish offered under all study programs. Currently more than 70 courses in English and 200 courses in Polish are offered. For some courses limits and special conditions may apply.


Students can choose their internships from a very diverse field of specializations and types of organizations that include public and private, international and domestic, non-for-profit and profit institutions specializing in: