Study Abroad at UN-mandated University for Peace

UPEACE Campus near San José, Costa Rica

Study Abroad Program for Talented North American Undergraduates at UPEACE

University for Peace (UPEACE) in Costa Rica is an English-language, graduate university located in the heart of Central America – Costa Rica, on the hill of the natural reserve, 30 km. southwest of its capital city – San José.

UPEACE was established in December 1980 as a Treaty Organization by the United Nations General Assembly. To ensure academic freedom, the University was established under its own Charter, approved by the General Assembly. UPEACE is not subject to UN regulations and is directed by its own Council of renowned personalities with expertise in peace and security matters. This has allowed the University to move rapidly and to innovate, focusing its new, rigorous academic programs on the fundamental causes of conflict through multidisciplinary, and multicultural-oriented approaches.

The wider mission of the University rests on the central importance of education, training and research in all aspects of building the foundations of peace and progress and reduction and elimination of the prejudice and hatred on which violence, conflict and terrorism are based.

If you are thinking about applying to UPEACE consider the following:

  • Uniquely Diverse Community: The UPEACE community is comprised of over 150 students, 25 resident faculty and 80 staff from over 70 countries. All of them are dedicated to building peace and creating positive social change. This unique and multicultural population is one of the most diverse and inspiring in the world.
  • Quality of Teaching: Imagine having classes taught by today’s leading minds from countries like Hungary, Spain, Lebanon, Germany, Costa Rica, Canada, Great Britain, United States of America or Sweden. They bring to their classrooms real life experiences, along with academic rigor and interactive participatory learning.
  • Practitioner-Based Approach: Institute courses are designed to be participatory, hands-on, and relevant to working professionals and the issues they face.
  • Location: The UPEACE campus is situated on 300 hectares of natural reserve in the mountains of Costa Rica.

UPEACE offers a number of graduate programs that have become open to interested study abroad undergraduates. The list of the academic programs include 

 Environmental studies
    •    Environmental Security and Governance
    •    Climate Change and Security
    •    Natural Resources and Peace

Gender-focused studies
    •    Gender and Peace Building

International Law
    •    International Law and Human Rights

    •    International Law and the Settlement of Disputes

Peace studies
    •    International Peace Studies
    •    Media, Peace and Conflict Studies

    •    Peace Education

Urban studies
    •    Sustainable Urban Governance and Peace

Economic Development studies
 Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development